Brekeke SIP Server

SIP Redundancy

SIP Redundancy for High Availability SIP services

Brekeke’s redundancy feature increases the reliability and high availability of a SIP service by adding alternative paths for any downtime caused by a failure or maintenance. Brekeke SIP Server's SIP redundancy feature requires two servers with Brekeke SIP Server installed: one as a primary server and the other as a secondary server.

Brekeke SIP Server's SIP Redundancy

The example below shows Brekeke SIP Server Advanced Edition's redundant setup. The primary server acts as a live server, which handles all call control for the SIP service: the secondary server acts as a backup server.

Maintain real-time SIP session information using Mirroring

With Brekeke SIP Server Advanced Edition, the primary server mirrors its SIP session and registration data to the secondary server in realtime. The secondary server can take over the service using the mirrored data in case the primary server goes down.

Heatbeat (Mirroing) and Failover feature of Brekeke SIP Server Advanced Edition

Heartbeat Feature and Instant Automatic Failover

The Heartbeat feature of Brekeke SIP Server Advanced Edition monitors the status of the primary server at frequent intervals, as wel as the statuses of any specified network entities, such as other Brekeke SIP Servers. When it detects that a target is down, it instantly executes the pre-defined actions set by the system administrator, such as a failover function.

Automatic and Instant SIP Failover

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