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Brekeke PAL WebSocket

As it says in its name, Brekeke PAL WebSocket uses the WebSocket protocol, which enables developers to create new applications with JavaScript or any major programming languages and to run the applications without requiring any additional installations at the user end. Brekeke PAL WebSocket is an optional feature that can be added to Brekeke PBX.

Advantages of Brekeke PAL WebSocket include:

  • Works with any programming language that supports the WebSocket client interface.
  • Allows rapid development of Brekeke PBX companion VoIP applications.
  • Well suited for developing Web applications using JavaScript.
  • Takes advantage of WebSocket Development environment and tools.
  • Creates valuable add-on client applications for Brekeke-based services and products.
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Sample Program 1 1.0 ZIP DOWNLOAD
Brekeke PAL WebSocket Developer's Guide 3 PDF DOWNLOAD

Brekeke PAL

With Brekeke PAL, developers can easily create highly desired, custom Call Center and other VoIP applications. Brekeke PAL is a Windows Control Library that allows the creation of applications for Brekeke's IP-PBX software product, Brekeke PBX. Application development with Brekeke PAL is simple using Visual Basic .NET or other Microsoft .NET languages. Brekeke PAL is an optional feature that can be added to Brekeke PBX.

If you are using Brekeke PBX v3.2 or later, please use Brekeke PAL Websocket instead of using Brekeke PAL. The support for the Brekeke PAL will be discontinued in the future version of Brekeke PBX.
  • Allows rapid development of companion VoIP applications to the Brekeke PBX
  • Takes advantage of powerful .NET Development environment and tools
  • Creates valuable add-on client applications for Brekeke-based services and products
  • Royalty free distribution of created applications - Fee is applied to per Brekeke PBX basis
  • Add you own graphical interface (GUI) to enhance your desktop SIP Phones

Web Service for Brekeke PBX

The Brekeke PBX Web Service allows third-party applications to view and modify PBX options and user settings.

We recommend that developers use Brekeke PAL WebSocket instead of Web Service interface for versions later than v3.2.

ARS Search Plug-in

This plug-in interface provides enhancements on ARS Route Search functionality of Brekeke PBX. Powerful uses of the ARS Plug-in include:

  • Search a telephone directory for a caller‘s number. For example, if the caller is in Do-Not-Call list, you can then decline the call.
  • Search for the least cost route by country number and area code number (Least Cost Routing).
  • Search a telephone directory for a caller’s name using the caller’s number. You can then change the display name with the caller’s name.

Recorded Audio Files Plug-in

This plug-in interface provides ways to process the audio files created by the call recording or voicemail features of Brekeke PBX.

Click-to-Call for Outlook

This free add-on to the Brekeke PBX allows you to dial numbers from your Microsoft Outlook contact list with just a click of a button.