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September 8, 2009
Brekeke Software, Inc.

Brekeke Software Introduces Solid SIP Redundancy for High Availability SIP Services

Improve your SIP service's availability with Brekekeís sophisticated SIP redundancy features including instant Automatic Failover and Mirroring

San Mateo, Calif., September 8, 2009 - Brekeke Software, Inc. (, developer and manufacturer of award-winning SIP communication technologies today announced the addition of SIP redundancy features on their SIP proxy/registrar server, Brekeke SIP Server Advanced Edition. Brekekeís redundancy features increase reliability and high availability of SIP services by adding alternative paths during downtime caused by failure or maintenance.

As usage of SIP technology in the market grows, the demand for more reliable SIP services also increases. With Brekeke SIP Server Advanced Edition, SIP service providers can easily create redundant SIP proxy/registrar servers by deploying two servers: one as primary and other as the secondary server. Using the Mirroring feature, Brekeke SIP Server maintains real-time SIP session information to keep the two servers synchronized. When the primary server is taken down by failure or maintenance, the secondary server can take over the role of providing call control features as the SIP proxy/registrar server.

Minimizing the duration of downtime, Brekeke SIP Serverís Heartbeat feature provides instant automatic failover. During normal SIP service operations, the secondary server constantly monitors the primary SIP server at frequent intervals. When a failure is detected, the secondary system instantly takes pre-determined actions set by the administrators. The actions taken after failure can be customized to fit the environment and type of service the provider offers. For instance, the system may execute pre-defined actions such as re-initialize the secondary server as the primary server, send email notifications, add/delete interface IP addresses, execute external commands, or execute internal server management commands. With Brekeke SIP Serverís instant automatic failover, all active sessions will survive through the failover even after the secondary server has taken over the operations.

"Redundancy features have been some of the most requested features by our carrier and service provider customers," said Shinichi Mitsumata, CTO of Brekeke Software. "With our built-in redundancy features, carriers and service providers can offer high availability services without bearing the high cost of third party redundancy schemes and their associated maintenance headaches," continued Mitsumata.

Administration and maintenance of the redundant server is simple and straight-forward with the Brekeke SIP Server. Setting up and administering the redundant server is performed through a browser-based tool. This simple administration minimizes errors for maintaining reliable SIP services.

Brekeke SIP Server provides SIP-based communication platform for service providers and enterprises. The product has SIP over TCP/UDP support, original NAT traversal functionality as well as flexible control routing functions. Supported operating systems include Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris 10, and Mac OS X. By optimizing the customersí experience and providing high-quality products, Brekeke SIP Server platform has been deployed in over 175,000 servers worldwide. To learn more about SIP redundancy feature of Brekeke SIP Server, please visit

About Brekeke Software, Inc.
Brekeke Software, Inc., develops high-quality, innovative SIP communication software products for OEMs, enterprises, and service providers. Brekeke's comprehensive SIP-based family of products enables organizations to seamlessly migrate or integrate IP communication systems into their communications infrastructure. Founded in 2002, Brekeke is headquartered in San Mateo, California. For more information, please visit


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