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November 06, 2007
Brekeke Software, Inc.

Brekeke Introduces Carrier-Grade Advanced SIP Server Edition

New Release Includes Multiple Targets Failover, Alias Feature, Web/SOAP Client interfaces, and Unlimited Multiple Domain Hosting to provide more flexibility for carrier operations - the Ultimate SIP server for service providers

San Mateo, CALIFORNIA - November 06, 2007 - Brekeke Software, Inc., an emerging leader in voice and data communications technology, today announced that the Brekeke SIP Server Advanced Edition will be available this winter. This new edition of the Brekeke SIP Server family provides a comprehensive set of features and capabilities for carrier-size service providers. The Award-Winning SIP proxy/registrar server, Brekeke SIP Server, is a standards-based server product that provides a backbone for IP communications including Voice and Video.

"Brekeke SIP Server is the most versatile, reliable SIP proxy server on the market today," said Shinichi Mitsumata, CTO of Brekeke Software. "With the features available in our newly added Advanced Edition, Brekeke SIP Server provides more options and means to expand features for carrier-size service."

Key features in Advanced Edition of Brekeke SIP Server:
Multiple Targets Failover
The Advanced Edition supports Multiple Targets Failover. When Brekeke SIP Server cannot access the destination server or SIP device, the SIP server will route the call to the secondary server or SIP device specified in the configuration. By implementing this feature, service providers can offer high availability service for their users. The users experience seamless connectivity without experiencing any interruptions or service failures.

The Alias feature adds the ability to carry different variants within a SIP message. With this feature, service providers can assign or allow personalization of user numbers, SIP URI (domains), or allow the creation of speed dial numbers.

Web/SOAP Client Interface
The Web/SOAP Client interfaces provide web access interfaces to collect information from web services. This interface provides the most options for customization and specialization for each service providersí services. Providers can combine available services and tools on the Internet with their unique capabilities and features.

Multiple Domain Hosting
Brekeke SIP Server can host multiple domains on one server. This feature allows service providers to manage multiple domains under one server setup.

The award-winning Brekeke SIP Server supports the SIP standard (RFC 3261) and offers high interoperability with third-party SIP devices and services. Brekeke SIP Server also features an original NAT traversal functionality as well as flexible routing functions and a suite of plug-in APIs. Supported operating systems include Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS X. Brekeke SIP Server is free for Personal and Academic Institution use. Downloads of Brekeke SIP Server reached 140,000 this summer.

Brekeke SIP Server Advanced Edition pricing will be $1,800 for a General Use License. Upgrade discounts are available to current Brekeke SIP Server (or, former product line, OnDO SIP Server) General Use License holders. Brekeke offers Free 60-day Trial downloads for all of Brekeke family of products. For more details, visit

About Brekeke
Brekeke Software is a leader in developing innovative SIP-based software products for creating telephony and media communication systems. Founded in 2002, Brekeke is headquartered in San Mateo, California. Brekeke offers innovative technology with Brekeke PBX, Brekeke SIP Server, Brekeke JTAPI SDK, and newly introduced Brekeke PAL. Our design architecture provides feature rich, user-friendly products, and simple installation.

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