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Press Release

February 8, 2005
Brekeke Software, Inc.

Brekeke Software, Inc., Announces Interoperability Partnership with InPhonex, LLC.

SAN MATEO, Calif., February 8, 2005 -- Brekeke Software, Inc., an emerging leader in voice and data communications technology, today announced an interoperability partnership with InPhonex, LLC, a VoIP service provider located in Miami. This partnership provides more call route options, wider selection for excellent calling rates, and access to real Miami phone numbers.
The partnership between Brekeke and InPhonex gives OnDO PBX users direct access to the analog telephone network. Utilizing InPhonex VoIP service, users now can connect to analog phone lines without purchasing any extra hardware. InPhonex VoIP service provider offers internet telephone service as well as real Miami phone numbers. The service allows user to initiate and receive calls from regular analog telephone lines and mobile phones as well as free SIP internet calls.
OnDO PBX, developed by Brekeke, is software that allows one to enhance a VoIP telephony environment by providing various IP-PBX features, such as Voicemail, Call Transfer, Auto Attendant, Call Recording, Call Conference, etc. Brekeke server products are all compliant with the SIP standard which assures the interoperability among many VoIP telephony products and services.
Connecting the InPhonex VoIP service with OnDO PBX is simple and easy. Using Brekeke's interoperability manual, users can set up a service in the time it takes to have a cup of coffee. Details of how to set up OnDO PBX with InPhonex VoIP service provider can be found on Brekeke's VoIP Service Providers Interoperability page:

Easy Installation and Configuration for VoIP Telephony Products

OnDO PBX supports multi-platform (Windows, Red Hat Linux) operation, and is easily installed and readily configured through a simple web-based administrative tool.
Price per installation for SmallOffice Edition is US$300. To switch your analog telephony to IP or increase your current voice traffic capacity, purchase OnDO PBX SmallOffice Edition (v1.3) at:
You may download a free trial version at:
Brekeke also offers OnDO PBX Standard Edition, a further upgraded edition of OnDO PBX SmallOffice Edition with absolutely NO limitation on the number users with full PBX features or concurrent sessions. Upgrading from OnDO PBX SmallOffice Edition is quick and easy; the Standard Edition inherits all previous settings. The price of OnDO PBX Standard Edition is US$3,000.
For additional information, contact:

About InPhonex, LLC.
InPhonex is a world leader in Internet Telephony founded in 2003. InPhonex offer inexpensive alternatives to traditional telephone service around the world.
For additional information, contact:
InPhonex website:

About Brekeke Software, Inc.
Founded in June, 2002, headquartered in San Mateo, CA, Brekeke Software, Inc. provides a variety of VoIP software and solutions to worldwide organizations both large and small.



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