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August 26, 2008
Brekeke Software, Inc.

Brekeke Software Confirms Connectivity with Microsoft Office Communication Server (OCS)

Microsoft OCS users benefit from abundant IP-PBX features and SIP communications offered by Brekeke PBX while leveraging MS OCS’s Unified Communications capabilities

SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA, August 26, 2008- Brekeke Software, Inc., developer and manufacturer of award-winning SIP communication technologies, today announced that Brekeke PBX enables users of Microsoft Office Communication Server (OCS) to enjoy the advantages of IP phone systems offered with Brekeke’s SIP technology while leveraging Unified Communication capabilities offered by the Microsoft OCS. Moreover, without replacing the infrastructure or adding other hardware devices, Brekeke PBX connects all SIP devices and services with Microsoft OCS seamlessly.

Unified Communications offered with Microsoft’s OCS allow users to communicate in the most convenient and effective way through texting, instant messaging, presence, voice, and video. With Brekeke’s IP phone system, Microsoft OCS users can add sophisticated IP-PBX features to their voice communications. Additionally, Brekeke PBX can provide a bridge between current VoIP products and Microsoft OCS. The current version of Microsoft OCS only supports Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), not User Datagram Protocol (UDP) which is widely used among VoIP products in the market today. By translating between TCP and UDP, Brekeke PBX enables Microsoft OCS users to benefit from Unified Communications connected to any SIP device, application, or infrastructure.

"Brekeke technology is packaged in Microsoft’s training materials for OCS, and I believe our technology helps to demonstrate the benefits of Unified Communications,"said Shin Yamade, president and CEO, Brekeke Software, Inc., "Users combining Microsoft OCS and Brekeke PBX benefit from strengths offered by both products. Our IP-PBX product offers sophisticated business IP phone system features that augments the voice communication capabilities offered by Microsoft OCS. Furthermore, users of Microsoft OCS now have seamless interoperability with SIP devices, applications, and services. Having Brekeke PBX as a bridge between Microsoft OCS and numerous VoIP products and services increases the consumers’ choices and extends the utility of existing systems. For users of Brekeke PBX, Microsoft OCS opens the world of Unified Communications, widening the possibilities offered by our business IP phone system,"continued Mr. Yamade.

Brekeke PBX’s Multi-Tenant Edition, has been deployed into numerous IP-PBX hosted services as their platform product, and has been very successful in providing secure and reliable communication for their customers. Users of these hosted PBX services also enjoy the benefits of this connectivity with Microsoft OCS. The product information can be found at the Brekeke website.

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Brekeke is a growing leader in the SIP communications platform market. Since 2002 Brekeke is located and headquartered in San Mateo, California. Brekeke offers SIP communications software that enables IP-based communications for businesses of all sizes. Brekeke offers innovative technologies with Brekeke PBX, Brekeke SIP Server, Brekeke JTAPI SDK, and the newly introduced Brekeke PBX Active Library (PAL) for .NET developers. Our design architecture provides feature rich, user-friendly products, and simple installation. For more information, please visit

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